PT Abadi Gondola Perkasa

Suspended Platform

Our suspended platform can be used for almost all kinds of construction applications for lifting people and their working materials to a certain.

ZLP 500 Steel Platform

  ZLP temporarily installed suspended access equipment is deal for building farcade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintance. And it is also widely used in elevator installing , ship building, and repairing : bride, embankment, and chimney.

ZLP versatile knock down platform, provides workers safer, easier, and more efficient platform access.


  • Platform dimension L x W x H (mm) : 1.000 – 5.000 x 690 x 1460
  • Weight of Suspension Mechanism : 375 Kg
  • Counter Weight : 650Kg / 750 Kg
  • Weight of Lifting Part – Steel Platform : 405 Kg

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