PT Abadi Gondola Perkasa

About Us

PT. Abadi Gondola Perkasa is a new company founded with a specialization rental and sales gondola, both in Jakarta and outside the region.

The main products of our company are suspended access equipment including ZLP series temporarily installed suspended platform. Our suspended access equipment is easy for operation, flexible for moving, reliable in safety. Besides, it is not necessary to build scaffolding in the construction, the efficiency will be promoted and the cost will be reduced. Therefore, our suspended access equipment provides workers safer, easier and more efficient platform access.


  • Provide service, quality, and the best satisfaction to customers.
  • To be the best gondola especially in terms of safety / security.
  • Helps to provide technical solutions to the problems faced customer, especially for the outer wall of the building work and work in the altitude.


Be the best and safest companies in their fields as well as the partner of our customers in helping the provision of support tools, especially the gondola in completing the work quickly and safely.

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